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Traditional Hand Caning:

Holes drilled through edge of chair frame

Various patterns & styles


French & Double Sided Caning:

Difficult method in which each strand must be measured exactly, cut to proper length and glued into holes.

Cane Webbing:

Pre-woven sheet of cane, set into groove in chair and held in place with reed spline.

Porch Chairs:

Kennedy, Brumby & Carolina-style rockers

binder cane & reed


Reed & Splint Chairs:

Various styles of chairs


Shaker Tape & Fibre Splint:

Woven fabric tape and kraft fibre paper


Danish Cord & Mid-Century Modern Furniture:

Scandinavian chairs 

kraft fibre cording or binder cane


Repair Services as Needed  

Please contact me with any questions or for an estimate.

Of Interest to Owners of Rental Homes


Hosting Summer Visitors

Or… a realistic timeframe to have a chair re-caned.

Chair clients often contact me in late spring / beginning of the summer season regarding multiple chair projects that they’d like to have completed before the new rental season begins – Memorial Day in most cases -- or before their summer visitors arrive.  This can lead to a backlog of projects, with concerns about completion time. For example, I often find that a porch rocker needs to have supports repaired or replaced, which adds to the time to the project.  I do most repairs myself, but if a repair is beyond my skill set, the woodworkers I use for those projects are usually booked out for several months.

Recently, owners of several chairs contacted me about having the seats rewoven.  Three of the four chairs required extensive repairs, which set other projects back.  The actual installation time for two of the seats was 20 minutes.  The repair for one chair took several days.  Any repair will add time to the workload. 

Trying to complete multiple complex projects within an abbreviated timeframe is untenable.

I like to provide flexibility for my clients, so let’s reframe the approach of re-caning and repairing these items.   

+ Early planning is the key.  Booking your chair project can begin immediately after the rental season ends or the end of the summer.  I do pickup and deliver.  

+ Alternatively, please feel free to contact me early in the year, say in January, to arrange repairs.  This will allow sufficient time to complete repairs for the upcoming season.  

+ I frequently work with house caretakers, and with an early start, these projects can be completed with adequate time, especially should the chair require a structural repair beyond a typical seat replacement.  

+ Schedule your repairs early to allow the flexibility of having one less project to contend with when you open your homes for the summer season.  Reduced stress = happy clients, happy chairs, happy caner!  


I hope to hear from you about your wonderful chair projects!     








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