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Traditional Hand Caning:

Holes drilled through edge of chair frame

Various patterns & styles


French & Double Sided Caning:

Difficult method in which each strand must be measured exactly, cut to proper length and glued into holes.

Cane Webbing:

Pre-woven sheet of cane, set into groove in chair and held in place with reed spline.

Porch Chairs:

Kennedy, Brumby & Carolina-style rockers

binder cane & reed


Reed & Splint Chairs:

Various styles of chairs


Shaker Tape & Fibre Splint:

Woven fabric tape and kraft fibre paper


Danish Cord & Mid-Century Modern Furniture:

Scandinavian chairs 

kraft fibre cording or binder cane


Repair Services as Needed  

Please contact me with any questions or for an estimate.





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